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Reliable VoIP & SIP* Systems

Based in Norristown, Pennsylvania, Atris knows that VoIP and SIP drives revenue, streamlines operational processes, and reduces overall costs. Let's begin with this question: how would you change the way you run your business if you weren't held back by your current phone system? Would you adjust your business strategy? Would new sources of revenue and potential cost savings become available?

Voice over IP & SIP Services

Atris' patented technology allows us to share high-speed internet and voice services among the tenants of commercial buildings in a totally secure environment. This allows for substantially reduced rates that are not usually available to small and medium-sized businesses.

For Tenants

Our small and medium-size customers in multi-tenant commercial properties can now utilize features that were once only available to Fortune 100 companies. Plus, our high-bandwidth internet starts at just $29.95 a month. No one else provides this combination of technology and affordability.

For Owners

Atris' patented technology enhances the value of your property, and encourages tenants to locate in your facility. We will even work with you to further reduce costs for your tenants and—in some cases—allow you to build the cost of communications into their monthly rent.

Office Building - VoIP Systems

* Our sales engineers would be pleased to discuss how SIP can reduce costs and expand your technological footprint.

Contact us to learn about our patented affordable services and our unique technologies.